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Deal by Wicount on Sports - SaveMe - R100 for a pair of Adidas AD-12232 training gloves from SNT Sports (worth R190) Nationwide delivery included

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  • One Wicount per purchase.
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  • Price includes the option of delivery.
  • To redeem, please Email: info@sntsports.co.za with your address, contact information and attached Wicount coupon.
  • For more information please call: 011 444 8800
  • Valid until 31 January 2013


Here's The Deal
There are two kinds of people ate the gym; those with all the latest gadgets and gismos, and those who wander around looking slightly lost and unprepared. Be the first guy with this deal. SNT Sports is offering up a pair of Adidas AD-12232 training gloves for just R100, instead of R190.
Going to the gym can be a daunting experience. Everywhere you look there are buff men lifting weights, or super-toned women who appear to have been running on the treadmill for three weeks straight. Make sure you can keep up, and that you look the part, by getting a pair of Adidas AD-12232 training gloves. These training gloves by Adidas are made of elastic material with a ventilating backhand. The extra strong hand palms provide great grip and they’re easy to take on and off! With optimal fit and a comfortable grip, you can be sure they’re going to help you help you work out game.
If you want to start training seriously, get these training gloves for yourself. Or, if you have a friend who lives at the gym, get these gloves as a gift. You won’t regret it.
Count Wi says:
“Sweaty palms at a gym are not good. There are 300 YouTube videos that prove it.”

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