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R 199.00

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  • To arrange delivery, please complete your delivery address on the online form viewed after clicking the "Buy Button".
  • Includes national delivery by courier.
  • Delivery takes approximately 14 - 30 days, depending on delivery area, upon deal closing.
  • Limited availability.
  • Multiples may be purchased.
  • Valid until 30 April 2013


  • Environmentally friendly toy.
  • Educational and intellectual.
  • Let your children understand the power and charm of solar energy.
  • Solar cells must be in the sun to generate power.
  • If there is no sunlight, use the general battery
  • Enhance children’s understanding of energy saving.
  • Perfect communicational bridge for you and your child.
  • Inspire their interests in green architecture.


Here's The Deal
If you have kids, you probably want to educate them as much as possible. But, for some strange reason, they have no desire to sit and listen to you rattle off the capitals of all the countries in the world in a monotone. If you really want them to learn stuff, you have to make it fun. So, get a Solar Roller Coaster and Concept House for just R199, instead of the usual R349.
These days, there are a lot of things to keep your kids busy. If they’re not watching TV, or playing video games, they’re fiddling on their iWhatevers. If you want to get their attention, you have to do it with something really cool, like this. The Solar Concept House and Roller Coaster run with solar energy or battery power. That means your kids will learn the principles and operation of solar energy by comparing the two, different driving powers. As it’s eco-friendly, it will also cultivate their environmental protection consciousness and inspire an interest in green architecture. And, don’t you want green kids? Of course you do. The solar cells should be in the sun to generate power but, at night, you can use the general battery to operate the toys.
Instead of buying more silly toys for your kids, get them this deal and watch as they actually learn something. It’s a great way to communicate with them through learning and play!

Count Wi says:
“I’m eco-friendly. I talk to flowers.”


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