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  • Includes delivery
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality LCD screen
  • Ultra-thin and easy to transport
  • Boogie Board 8.5” LCD writing tablet
  • Stylus/Magnet set
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • User Guide


Boogie Board 8.5” LCD writing tablet, including delivery
Unlike writing shopping lists on papyrus, Groupies can plan to purchase cats with the Boogie Board 8.5” writing tablet without the need to visit the desert. Boasting liquid crystal display and a sealed 3V battery that never needs replacing, the tablet is ultra-thin an easily transportable. Crafted from durable plastic, the eco-friendly writing tablet lets paper and pencils rest.

What you need to know
Erase images with the touch of a button and a friendly flash from the liquid crystal display
Available in black, white, pink, lime green, purple and blue
Sealed 3V watch battery never needs replacing
The Boogie Board tablet is an ultra 1/8-inch thin and is easy to take with you in a purse, scheduler, briefcase or backpack
The case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials
Safe for school use and all around the house, office and car
The Boogie Board tablet's pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface creates lines of different thickness based on how hard you push
Write or draw with the included stainless steel stylus or any other suitable instrument