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Deal by Wicount on Health & Beauty - SaveMe - Pay R399 for a "Calvin Klein Free" 50ml, including National delivery (worth R599)

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  • Valid until 31 May 2013


Here's The Deal
So you live alone, you’ve got a rad bachelors pad, and you love impressing the ladies. We get it. You’ve got good taste and according to you - and all your married friends - you’re living the ‘good life.’ We’ve got just the deal for you. CK Free is a men’s fragrance that is ideal for the individual. Inspired by the spirit of the modern independent man, CK Free is both casual and unexpectedly fresh – and is going for R399 instead of R599 for a 50ml bottle.
With base notes that include: ironwood, oakwood, texan cedarwood and patchouli; heart notes that consist of suede, coffee and tobacco leaves; and top notes such as: absinthe, jackfruit and juniper berry - You can’t go wrong!
Get CK Free and unlock the individual inside of you.
This makes as a great gift for any man, as long as he is willing to be smelled.

Count Wi says:
“Wake up and smell the coffee. Or the man to your right.”

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