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  • 4 x 250g bags of hand-roasted Quaffable coffee beans from various origins.


The recyclable packaging contains a selection of fine origin coffee. The Bunna Blend is made from pure quality Arabica coffee from small producing regions and is manually crafted to satisfy diverse taste. An interesting twist to your coffee experience would be the opportunity to try the Butusi. A cooperative of coffee growers all with a regional-specific quality.

The speciality amongst this fantastic coffee is Los Naranjos – award winning crème de la crème amongst the coffee roasters. Produced in very small quantities and only distributed to a select few coffee roasters. The excitement and contentment in perfect harmony as you sit back and enjoy this cup! To finish off this coffee experience, Quaffee has included the certified Organic coffee which is a becoming a sought after aromatic arabica.

the perfect all round opportunity to explore your coffee taste buds – and you most certainly come away with a flavour experience!



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