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  • Redeem before 10 January 2013
  • To redeem: Visit http://www.earwormslearning.com/ and click on the Groupon logo; enter your name, e-mail address and Groupon code
  • You will receive an e-mail with your download shortly after purchase. If your Groupon entitles you to two downloads, simply use the same code with number *2 at the end
  • Download to PC first and then simply transfer across to your Mp3 device
  • Vouchers valid for Earworms Volume 1 titles only
  • Groupon valid for volume one: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Japanese, Dutch, Cantonese and Polish Volume two and other titles available with this offer on discount at www.earwormslearning.com
  • No refunds for MP3 downloads
  • Groupon issued and valid once deal closes
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  • Save up to 55% on one or two volume one Foreign Language with Musical Brain Training MP3 download
  • Educational and informative
  • Ideal as a Christmas gift
  • Pick up new vocabulary with minimum concentration
  • Memorisation of words and phrases


Save up to 55% on one or two volume one Foreign Language Musical Brain Training MP3 download
Being politely smiled at by an eccentric French man, while desperately waving ones arms in an attempt to ask where the local coffee shop is, may lead to a few frustrating encounters. The earworms foreign language with musical brain training MP3 download provides enthusiastic pupils the opportunity to break down barriers with this educational and highly informative language learning method. A scientific phenomenon, the musical brain trainer is an effective and exciting process where listeners can sit back and relax and easily pick up new vocabulary with minimum concentration. Developed by language experts, Earworms is based on the science behind catchy music to help with the memorisation of words and phrases.