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Here's The Deal
If your car is anything like ours, it’s covered in receipts, there’s mud all over the floor mats and there’s a week-old saamie somewhere under the passenger seat. Don’t feel bad; it happens. Luckily, this will make cleaning your car much, much easier. We are offering up an in-vehicle vacuum cleaner for just R199, instead of the usual R450.
How often do you attempt to clean your car with a damp cloth and a bucket, only to end up covered in soapy water with a car that’s no cleaner than when you started? We’re guessing it’s pretty often. This in-vehicle vacuum cleaner will help with that. It has a powerful 12v motor that sucks up dust and dirt in and around your car. It is so easy to use; just plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and get going! It’s ultra-compact design fits into the palm of your hand, which makes it great to take with you on road trips. Plus, the brush attachment on the head of the vacuum ensures dirt is quickly dislodged – no mess, no fuss.
Everyone wants to have a car that’s sparkling clean. With this deal, you can always be ready to sort out any dirt that gets in it. It would also make a great gift for dad!

Count Wi says:
“A vacuum: The gift that keeps on sucking.”

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