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Deal by Wicount on Products - SaveMe - R89 for a Laptop or PC, USB Fan With Light including National Delivery (worth R159)

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  • Valid until 30 April 2013


  • Perfect for a stuffy office or in an aeroplane.
  • Plug into your USB port and then switch on to create a soft, fresh breeze.
  • Flexible metal neck.
  • Fan blades can display light up pictures and advertised letters when spinning.
  • Nationwide delivery included.
  • Ideal as a gift.


Here's The Deal
We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but it is hot out there. We can barely get through a day in front of our computers without working up a sweat that would make a bodybuilder look dry. If you’re having the same problem, get this deal. You can get a USB fan with lights for just R90 instead of the usual R159.
In a perfect world, we’d be working in a swimming pool where gorgeous ladies would serve us ice-cold drinks and fan us with palm leaves. In the real world, we’re stuck in a stuffy office that is around 45 degrees. Luckily, things like this can keep us from melting into our PCs. This USB fan simply plugs directly into your USB port. Then, you just turn it on to create a soft, fresh breeze. It also has a flexible metal neck, so you can position it anywhere it is most needed. The fan blades can also display light-up pictures and advertised letters when spinning! Cool? We think so. The fan is the perfect accessory for a hot office or crowded aeroplane.
Nobody likes the sweaty guy in the office. So don’t be that guy. Rather get this deal and make sure you keep cool. It would also make a great gift for your boss or colleagues.

Count Wi says:
“I can’t seem to keep fans away from my desk!”

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