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  • Save 40% on two Amazing Pocket Chairs, including delivery
  • High-quality polyester and steel
  • Ideal as a Christmas gift
  • Great for camping trips
  • Perfectly fits into a pocket


There are moments in life when long hours standing upright become almost unbearable and the only available seating is a grubby bug log or a sidewalk covered in second-hand gum. Groupies can take pleasure in a game-changing chair design that allows comfortable seating wherever it’s needed. The Amazing Pocket chairs are seating that simply folds up to perfectly fit into a pocket, great for camping trips, beach visits or even a student’s first housewarming. Made of high-quality polyester and steel, the chair is durable and can hold the weight an average male. Easier than folding a serviette into a swan, and more comfortable. The Amazing Pocket chair is a good edition to any out-goers arsenal.

What you need to know
Portable chair that fits into your pocket
Opens and folds easily
Dual-action counter-rotational support system
Holds up to 114 kilograms
Includes carrying case
Great for using at the beach or taking quick breaks during a marathon
Dimensions: 10.63" x 7.38" x 1.75"