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Luxurious love for your skin
Get this pack of salon-quality Delon Olive Body Butter from Delon Labs.
With over six decades of dedication to innovative products and solutions, Delon Laboratories has a legacy of providing the highest quality beauty care. Based on botanical remedies, the Delon+ line of sumptuous body butters combines the age-old wisdom inherent in botanical, herbal and floral treatments with modern ingredients and formulations. Using natural herbs and pH-balanced formulas, each product is carefully formulated to enhance your natural beauty and reflect Delon's ongoing commitment to preserve the Earth's natural resources by being environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.
Olive oil, which contains a powerful antioxidant that imparts excellent emollience to the skin, is the key ingredient in this intensive moisturiser. You won't believe the difference this sumptuously creamy body butter will make. Formulated to give immediate and long-lasting softness to dry skin, it contains specially selected essential oils to help nourish the skin and enhance your state of mind with its delightfully fragrant aroma.
Quick-absorbing, moisturising formula
Long lasting and non-greasy
Leaves skin feeling silky soft and protected
Dermatologist tested
Not tested on animals