Melt away those kilos plus no more Cellulite, scars and ugly capillaries for R599 with this natural beeswax body butter! - Pretoria

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The ultimate range of 100% pure natural body care products

Discover the ancient healing, beautifying and preserving power of beeswax, raw honey, pollen and propolis which are blended together with cold pressed avocado oil and sunflower oil to make up a unique, totally natural range of products that have powerful healing and beautifying properties.

Contains no lanolin, petroleum, aqueous cream, chemicals, colorants, castor oil, perfumes or preservatives.

Beeswax, being a natural hydrating agent will increase and retain the natural moisture in dry skin. Avocado oil, laden in vitamin E, is a potent aid in reducing stretch marks and scars. Natural's Body Butter is essential to a glowing, healthy skin.

Capillary Repair and Body Toning Butter

Especially formulated to strengthen weak blood vessels, helps improve tone and elasticity of skin thereby fighting unsightly cellulite.

Ingredient Guide:

Rose Absolute Essential Oil: use full on all skin types, specially mature, dry and sensitive skins; strengthens capillaries.

Geranium Essential Oil: Use full on all skin types as it has a balancing effect on the sebaceous glands; improves blood flow thereby enlivening the skin, improving the condition of skin and capillaries.

Lemon Essential Oil: Cleanses and brightens the skin through the removal of dead skin cells; smoothens out broken capillaries.

Cypress Essential Oil: Has a balancing effect on the skin and helps improve elasticity of the veins and moisture in the skin.

Carrot Oil: Has a strengthening effect on the red blood vessels, adds tone and elasticity to the skin; rich in Vitamin A which stimulated cell renewal.

This balm is a fantastic after-sun that quickly reduced redness, leaving skin sun-kissed and nourished. This balm is ideal for allergic and hypersensitive skin and is rich in antioxidants that combat free radical damage.

This product was formulated five years ago when we discovered the amazing properties of beeswax. After a years experimenting with different ingredients, quantities and consistencies, we were able to produce a cutting edge, head to toe healing balm- effective in every aspect of beautifying and healing. We soon realized the potential our products in the local market, leading to progressive distribution nation wide.

We are passionate about promoting and making use of South Africa's rich variety of resources and are active participants in the momentum towards creating an empowered and self-sustaining nation. It gives us much pride and joy to include previously disadvantaged woman in the production of our products and promote them as the business grows form strength to strength. We also realize the importance of conserving and respecting our natural surroundings.

As any form of economic participation results in the exploitation of earths often non - renewable resources, we are keen on reducing our carbon footprint by eventually establishing reliable agents in every province of the country.

We are committed to providing our customers with natural, pure and chemical free products containing only the finest local beeswax, cold pressed avocado oil, sunflower oil and raw, non irradiated honey - harvested by traditional bee keeping methods which conserve the natural potency and power of honey.

The product has proved itself as an affordable, multi-purpose balm which is helping many people. There is a constant, increasing demand for an effective and natural product such as this. It is rewarding to receive extremely positive feed back from satisfied customers who have benefited from our products.

The original healing balm, effective for a wide variety of applications, has formed the base of our extended product range - these have been enhanced to target specific aspects of healing and beautifying. All our products are extremely affordable, providing customers with good value for money and lasting benefits, including the prevention of a build up of chemical toxins in the body or allergic reactions triggered by commonly used cosmetic and pharmaceutical chemicals.

We promote this product as the way to the future; the best way to undo our chemical laden past. We are confidant that our products form an essential part of the natural skin care revolution!