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  • Ultraviolet fluorescent tube lures the mosquitoes in
  • No chemicals, no fumes, no smell, no sprays, no mess, no hassle
  • Great for mosquitoes, files, flying ants, moths, wasps, bees, gnats and much more
  • Suitable for any area
  • The Deal
  • One, two or three Electronic Mosquito Killers
  • Four Mos repel bracelets


Sleep soundly with an Electric Mosquito Killer, including delivery (From R229)
Easier than attempting to kill a battalion of buzzers with a single pillow and half-open eyes, Groupies rid rooms of mosquitos with an Electronic Mosquito Killer. Shining bright with a UV tube, the electronic killer silently lures the enemy in and kills it without spraying harmful stinky fumes into the air. Defenders of sleep can also arm themselves with a Mos repel bracelet, a natural insect repellent that can be used over 180 hours. Each pack of bracelets includes four colours: orange, blue, green and pink.

Choose between these options:

Pay R229 for a One Electronic Mosquito Killer, valued at R379
Pay R349 for a One Electronic Mosquito Killer and four Mos Repel Bracelets, valued at R649
Pay R399 for a Three Electronic Mosquito Killers, valued at R699
Pay R499 for a Two Electronic Mosquito Killers, valued at R999

What you need to know:

Electronic Mosquito Killer :

Mosquito killer
Material: Plastic T30
Power AC: 220-240V~/50 Hz
Power grid Voltage: > 600 VDC
Insulating resistance > 500 MΩ
Power: < 3W
Leakage Current: < 0.1AmA
Lamp tube model: DG-2
Effective coverage: 40 sq. meters

Mos Repel Bracelets:

Re-useable for over 180 hours
Natural ingredients - Citronella oil, DEET free
Waterproof, not affected by sweat
Effectiveness proven by University
CE and US EPA approval
Safe, natural insect repellent
Latest anti-mozzie accessory
Each bracelet lasts for 180 hours
No more sticky, smelly bug spray
Waterproof, sweat-proof
Re-use over and over again
Stays fresh in zip-lock pack