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  • 2.7" TFT LCD display.
  • Supports 16-bit true colour games.
  • Portable & trendy game player.
  • Features AV-out function.
  • Supports game cartridges.
  • Comes with a game cartridge.
  • TV-out composite AV cable included.
  • Powered by rechargeable 3.7V/700mAh battery for ultra long life.
  • Available in light blue, pink, purple or black.


Here's The Deal
These days, it’s hard to keep your child entertained. Not only do they need constant amusement, they also need to get their hands on every kind of techy gadget on the market – especially if they want to be the coolest kid at show-and-tell. That’s why you should get them this PVP 2 Digital Pocket Hand Held System for just R399, instead of the usual R699.
When we were younger, our parents would put us in a room with an old cereal box, a bag of marbles and a tin of sawdust and we’d be able to keep ourselves happy for hours. But these days, the kids’ entertainment is much more exciting. Make sure your kids are never bored with this PVP 2 digital Pocket Hand Held System. It’s a trendy and portable game player that you can take anywhere with you. It plays all the PVP 2 colour and PVP 2 games you already own, and features an enhanced backlit screen so you can see what you’re doing, no matter where you are! It also comes with an AV cable so you can link up the PVP 2 system to your television!The deal includes: the game player, an AV cable, a games cartridge, an AC 110~250V power adapter (2-round-pin plug), a rechargeable 3.7V/700mAh battery, a carrying pouch and an English manual.
Make sure you never hear the words “Mom, I’m bored” ever again. Get this deal for your own kids, your nieces and nephews and your godchild!

Count Wi says:
“I don’t just play games. I own them.”

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