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  • Valid until 15 November 2012 To redeem visit the following links and enter your Groupon security code at check out Natural colour:  http://www.5rooms.com/5Essentials-Nevada-Bedset-Natural-8138.html  Rustic Oak colour :  http://www.5rooms.com/5Essentials-Nevada-Bedset-Rustic-Oak-8139.html  Slate Grey colour:  http://www.5rooms.com/5Essentials-Nevada-Bedset-Slate-Grey-8137.html Please provide daytime delivery address; PO Box address is not sufficient  Limited number available Please allow up to five weeks for delivery from redemption Groupon issued and valid once deal closes Terms and Conditions apply


Save 40% on a Nevada bed set including a queen size bed and two side tables Includes delivery Adds warmth and texture to your bedroom Ideal for new homeowners looking to furnish Available in lovely neutral tones