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  • Free the mind from negative thought patterns
  • Gain confidence and find a way to think more positively
  • Take control of thoughts
  • Downloadable audio files
  • 10-Day Mental Detox e-course


Unlock your mental potential: 10-day Mental Detox e-Course
A powerful e-Course packed with tools to help you detox their minds and give a fresh start, the 10-day Mental Detox e-Course spring cleans where it counts most. Helping Groupies learn the secret to happiness by removing negative thought patterns, the kit also consists of reading material and downloadable audio files to listen to in the comfort of your own cubicle.
What you need to know:
Take a closer look at the way you think
Learn how to recognise recurring negative thinking patterns
Insightful, simple tools to detox and enable your mind-power
Learn how to think your way to the life you want
Tips to recognise and remove self-worth issues
Detox your mind of negativity
Change damaging belief systems about yourself
Learn how to be more positive and take control of your thoughts
Focus and excel in what you want to achieve
Gain confidence