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Give this stunning coffee deal as a gift or just get it for yourself. This combo consists of the best plunger coffee plus a unique high quality one cup plunger. What more do you need? *boiling water
Segafredo Casa
This Espresso coffee is a blend of the finest qualities of Arabica and Robusta coffee. These two coffees have been selected to replicate the fragrance and drink of a bar into your home.
About the plunger
You never have to be without good coffee again. With the Espressii One Cup Plunger you can have your favourite cuppa wherever you are. Its so easy to store and even easier to clean. Add the ground coffee, medium to fine grind works the best and plonk it in a cup of boiling water. Its as simple as that. The very first One Cup Plunger of its kind.
The idea originated from the search for a device that can make a good cup of coffee from pure grounded coffee beans.After testing many one-cup coffee makers, and still not being entirely satisfied, the founders decided to design their own one-cup plunger, and espressii was born.Unique one-cup device for pure grounded coffee with a wonderful taste !Advantages of the one cup plungerQuick and simple to operateVery easy to cleanPortable, small, handy travel companionEconomical due to no wastage, use the exact amount of coffee or tea you need
You get
1x 250g Segafredo Casa1x Espressi One Cup Plunger
Delivered countrywide