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Deal by Wicount on Health & Beauty - SaveMe - Pay R515 for Davidoff Campion Energy 50ml edition, Including National delivery (worth R699)

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  • Valid until 31 May 2013


Here's The Deal
When we ask women what they look for in a man, their response is often “he has to be tall, dark and handsome.” But you’d be surprised at how many women also say: “he’s gotta smell good!” We want to help women get what they want, which, in turn, will help you get what you want. Smart, hey?
Get the intoxicating scent of Davidoff Champion Energy 50ml for only R515 instead of the usual R699, and become the object of every woman’s desire.
How do you trust that we’re telling you the truth, and that you’re not buying into smelling like a wet dog? Listen to this: A blend of grapefruit and bergamot creates a unique burst of freshness. Infused with fresh spices, and completed with a masculine scent of cedarwood. Altogether, this blend creates a refreshing oak moss allure. Ah, heavenly.
Take our word for it, wear this and you’ll be fending off the ladies: left, right and centre.
This can also be a great gift to give your man.

Count Wi says:
“No one likes a smelly man. Unless he’s Channing Tatum. No one would mind a smelly Channing Tatum.”

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