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Soon the Zombies will be upon us. In movies, one always has two choices: beat the Zombies or be eaten by the Zombies. But now there's a new choice, a new way to survive: you must pretend to be a Zombie! All you'll need is a bunch of gelatin and this brain shaped mold, and you can make your own tasty treats. See where we're going wit this?Instead of having to eat real brains to fit in, you'll be eating gelatin brains. Instead of cracking open people's heads, you'll just need to toil in the kitchen a little. And once the Zombies see you eating gelatin brains, they'll think you are munching on the real deal and leave you alone ('cause let's face it, Zombies aren't that bright). Also great for Halloween and other spooktacular events. So, eat some gelatin brains now, and live to see another day.Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold detailsMolds lifelike, brain shaped, gelatin dessertsMade of green, non-toxic plasticInstructions for making the perfect "brain" material included (gelatin, however, is not)Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 4"
Delivered countrywide by the undead courier company