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All About The Get Acquainted Tour

What sets us apart? WeÂre one of the only New York City touring companies to provide our guests with a combination walking/riding tour. YouÂll ride with us in comfort, then dive deep into the city when we walk the streets, where youÂll experience the genuine excitement and breadth of New York.

And did you know some of the big touring companies in New York have eliminated their guides and mechanized their tours? NYSee Tours believes in the value of a living, breathing guide; someone who knows his or her history, but brings personal anecdotes, passion and humor to the table. Simply put, we donÂt hand you a pair of headphones when you hand us your ticket. Our excursions are animated and alive, so you can live and breathe New York City.

Our tour - a perfect balance between riding in a small comfortable vehicle and walking, where we'll get out to explore enchanting Central Park, the mansions of the Gilded Age along Fifth Avenue, and then down to the remarkable Grand Central Terminal to see one of the most beautiful buildings in the world - and this is just the first half of your tour.

For lunch, weÂll stop at either one of two places: the extensive and diverse food court in Grand Central Terminal, where you can sample a broad variety of foods as well as NYÂs famous Juniors Cheese cake, or perhaps weÂll head to Madison Square to Eataly, a destination stop with a collection of Italian specialty shops and eateries. For those who would prefer something other than Italian, the area around Eataly at 23rd and 5th Avenue offers a number of restaurants to choose from. Included are Chop't, Pret a Manger, LennyÂs, and the Eisenberg Sandwich Shop, just to name a few.

After lunch, weÂll head down to Washington Square Park and walk our meal off in Greenwich Village. It's a unique part of town that was actually one of New York's first suburbs, with cobblestone streets lined with beautiful homes, some even dating from the early 1800's. Emma Lazarus, Bob Dylan, Edith Wharton, Cary Grant, and Dylan Thomas have called the Village home. Today, Julia Roberts, Anderson Cooper, and Anna Wintour, to name a few, reside here.

The excursion continues south. To travel south on the Island of New York is to head back through time to the epoch of the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam. The Financial District, Wall Street, and the winding streets and alleys of lower Manhattan are the oldest parts of the city. We will pass through these areas as we make our way over to the Winter Garden to view the new World Trade Center.

We end our journey by whisking you uptown on the Subway for the quintessential New York experience, and give you a lesson or two on Subway etiquette and safety.