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FACT: 50% use to relieve insomnia or anxietyFACT: 1 in 3 use to block snoring and other noisesFACT: 50% use SleepPhones nearly every night
The SleepPhones story is all about helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. That means no more sleepless nights due to partner snoring or other distractions. SleepPhones help you get better sleep leading to a better daily life.
Cool -Lightweight mesh for the ultimate comfort with an active lifestyle
Clever -Patented headband headphones design means no ear buds falling out
Washable -Simple removable speakers
Safe -Hear traffic sounds along with your music
The innovative headband headphone design is so comfortable that customers use it for other activities like winter exercise, shoveling snow, or listening to music in the office.
Travelers love SleepPhones as well for the plane, coping with jet lag, and new hotel environments. With all of these uses, SleepPhones are the perfect gift for just about anyone!
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