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Trunki is an amazing development in children's travel products!Designed for kids ages 3 to 6, Trunki is a light weight, hard plastic suit case with wheels.It doesn't get any better than this! Your child can sit on Trunki as you tow him hither and yon through airports and beyond!
Or, your child can pull or carry Trunki herself using the multi-purpose strap!Besides being fun and functional, Trunki has an eye-cathing, mod design!
Meet Trunkisaurus! Complete with marbled scales, and ferocious teeth, you'd better beware because this suitcase bites! Aptly named Rex and Rox the new additions are the perfect prehistoric pal for your little monster.
Whether it's a weekend with granny or a round the world trip, this dinosaur Trunki is the ideal companion. The 3 in 1 ride on suitcase teaches children to take responsibility for their own belongings. They can pack up their toys and ride along, whilst parents can keep them in tow!
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