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  • Redeem before 23 May 2013
  • To redeem: email Groupon to to receive the monthly E-magazine
  • Groupon issued and valid once deal closes
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  • Ideal as a Christmas gift
  • Can be viewed on the go from many electronic devices
  • Informative and entertaining, interactive magazine
  • Gives vital hints and tips to up ones game
  • A golfers right-hand man


Save up to 77% on a Corporate Golf electronic magazine, one year subscription
To outsiders, golf may seem like grown men with sticks, funny pants, and a Grandpa hilarity cap knocking around a tiny ball, but contrary to that belief, Golf is a spectacular precision sport that takes years to master. Golf enthusiasts can swing high with informative topics on how to achieve better posture in your golf swing along with a range of other exercises, tips, and entertainment on general golfing around. Golfing Groupies get a one year subscription that offers video clips, interviews, 3D animations and illustrations, and of course all the vital hints and tips to up ones game. A great read for swinging pros or bunking beginners, Corporate Golf Magazine is perfect for the lovers and admirers of the sport.