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Nothing in this world comes for free, even a scratch. Ask someone if they can help you out, and it always seems like they want something else in return. This “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” is becoming tedious. But thanks to Abeth’s Unique Back Scratcher, we can scratch our own back and not be in anyone’s pocket. Speaking of pockets, yours is going to be just fine with this deal: pay only R149 and receive free delivery!

Made from environmentally sound bamboo and patented in its design, this 100% hypo-allergenic brush reaches all those difficult to reach itchy places. It’s also great when you need to scrub a dub-dub in the tub as well!

The brush comes with two attachments - a brush and a sponge. Designed for the elderly in mind, as they have difficulty reaching areas of their body to scratch and apply creams (moisturisers, muscle relief, medicinal creams), it’s an ingenious and handy accessory to have.

Order one today from Vuvuplaza.com and put that itch in a ditch!

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