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What is Collective Buying?

Collective buying is an e-commerce model that promotes incredible discounts from different establishments when a minimum amount of people show interest in buying the offer.

When this minimum offer is reached by the deadline specified by the relevant site, the deal is activated and you as the shopper, receive your coupon to use the deal.

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Multilayer Stainless Steel Clothes Hanger for R399.99 Including Delivery (43% Off)
From: R 699.99
(You save: R 300.00)
Five-in-one Travel Kits for iPhones and iPads for R199 Including Delivery (43% Off)
From: R 349.00
(You save: R 150.00)
Cycling Health Monitor for R299 Including Delivery (25% Off)
From: R 399.00
(You save: R 100.00)
Spiral Potato Slicer from R229.99 Including Delivery (Up To 56% Off)
From: R 459.00
(You save: R 229.01)
Two Boot Shoeboxes for R219.99 Including Delivery (27% Off)
From: R 299.99
(You save: R 80.00)
Two Spanish Hot Chocolate for R189 Including Delivery (37% Off)
From: R 299.00
(You save: R 110.00)
Colourful Magic Line Frying Pans for R799.99 Including Delivery (52% Off)
From: R 1,650.00
(You save: R 850.01)
LED Flexi Light for R110 Including Delivery (45% Off)
From: R 199.00
(You save: R 89.00)
Plush Pet Hut for R169 Including Delivery (50% Off)
From: R 339.00
(You save: R 170.00)
Pangao Eye Massager for R899 Including Delivery (36% Off)
From: R 1,399.00
(You save: R 500.00)
Clothes Folders from R199.99 Including Delivery (Up To 40% Off)
From: R 299.99
(You save: R 100.00)
Rose Cottage Wooden Dollhouse for R1 220 Including Delivery (69% Off)
From: R 3,999.00
(You save: R 2,779.00)
Themed Canvas Prints from R120 (Up To 69% Off)
From: R 300.00
(You save: R 180.00)
Hanging Handbag Organiser from R110 Including Delivery (Up to 71% Off)
From: R 220.00
(You save: R 110.00)
Electronic Kitchen Scale for R169 Including Delivery (50% Off)
From: R 339.00
(You save: R 170.00)

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