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  • High-speed pizza cooker.
  • Unique patented refractory stone base cooking surface.
  • Top element ensures the pizza topping is crisp.
  • Cooks all kinds of pizzas; fresh or frozen.
  • Bake and reheat pitta breads, naan bread, pastries, or brown off cheese dishes.
  • Simple to operate.
  • 31.6cm diameter stone.
  • Reaches temperatures of over 400 degrees C.
  • Economical to run; only 1200watts per hour.


Here's The Deal
Hands up if you like pizza! Now, if any of you didn’t raise your hands, kindly move on. What kind of person doesn’t like pizza?! For those of you who stayed, we have good news for you. You can get this five-minute, pizza express oven for just R1200 instead of the usual R2000.
There’s nothing quite as tasty as the perfect pizza. The only problem is that when you want it, you have to drag yourself to the nearest pizza restaurant, order it and wait 20 minutes while they make it. Then, by the time you take it home, it’s cold. But, do you want to know a secret? You can make your own delicious pizzas at home. This Pizza Express “Delizia” pizza cooker makes perfect pizzas in just five minutes! It has a unique, stone-base cooking surface, to make sure you don’t get soggy bases, and a top element that ensures your topping is crisp. That means it bakes perfect, Italian-style pizza every time. But, it can also be used to bake and reheat pitta breads, naan bread, pastries, brown off cheese dishes and cook other foods. It’s super easy to use, and economical to run.
If you love yourself a good pizza, get this deal and then invite all your friends over for pizza that will impress even the most fussy pizza eater.

Count Wi says:
“The pizza is the hug of the food world.”

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