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9 Minute MarinatorTurns overnight marinating into just 9 minutes.The 9 Minute Marinator's unique rotating action allows juices to penetrate into the meat for the mosttender, juicy, succulent, mouth watering bites every time.The 9 Minute Marinator will help you infuse flavor to all your meats, fish, poultry and vegetable in 9minutes or less.Here's how it works. Air is extracted from the canister and a vacuum is created using a pump. Thevacuum causes the food fibers to stretch and open, allowing the marinade to penetrate to the core.Place the food you want to marinate in the 9 Minute Marinator canister and add your favorite marinade.This could be any spices, rubs, olive oil, seasoning, salad dressing, fresh juices or your favorite bottle ofmarinade.When the air is expelled from the canister the food fibers close back down trapping the marinate insidethe food. This results in tastier and more flavorful foods.Regular foods become gourmet mealsLarge Capacity Canister for large cuts of Meat, Whole Chickens, Rack of Ribs, Turkey Breast etcStores food - Keeps it fresher for longer.Food is tenderised and marinated in less time, with less mess and less waste.Compact to store in any size cupboard.Easy to cleanDishwasher safe
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