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Lavazza Crema Aroma is one of the best coffees on the market
The more you buy the more you save:
1kg = R275
2kg = R520 (R260 per kg)
5kg = R1245 (R249 kg)
10kg = R2400 (R240)
Crema e Aroma Product Details
If you are looking for an authentic Italian coffee blend that has an aromatic and intense flavor, and a steady long-lasting creamy taste, Lavazza's Crema e Aroma may be the right brew for you. Its blend uses 60% African Robusta coffee beans and 40% Central/South American Arabica which are roasted to medium brown, perfect for stronger espresso taste.
Unlike in French roast that are dark brown in color and are oily, Italian roast have rich medium brown shade and with very little oil (or no oil at all) on the coffee beans. Lavazza's Crema e Aroma are roasted and packed in Italy.
A little more info to convince you
In pop culture, coffee is probably one of the most popular drinks known to many people throughout the world. For majority of the population, breakfast would not be the same without it especially in places like Italy where coffee drinking is considered a way of life.In Italy, average sales of coffee ranges to more than 230 cups per day as served in one bar where above 59% are espressos. Italians are said to consume 3.7kg of coffee per capita, and that an estimated number of 270,364 persons work as baristas in Italian coffee shops. Taking all these into consideration, Italy has the right to claim that coffee culture actually starts from them.And to spread out the Italian coffee craze throughout the world, Lavazza - Italy's favorite coffee manufacturer, have come up with variety of products and services that uses only the finest raw materials coupled with advanced technological equipments which made the company a leader and a worldwide symbol of Italian espresso.
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