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Peak Physique now presents a 7 Week Slimming countdown to getting a gorgeous bodyLose between 4-14 kgs with Peak Physique online slimming programme and Vuvuplaza.comOur âbiggest loserâ will not only lose loads of weight, but will also win a mystery prize to celebrate yoursuccess!The online coaching course covers the following:Think Slim. How to change your mindset. What are your habits that are making you fat? Who are your dieting saboteurs. What negative thoughts are you telling yourself? Why are you eating for comfort?Exercise choice rather than willpower. Yes, is it possible that I can eat choc's & chips on my diet? Alifestyle change & and programme for a lifetime.... and much, much more...The 7-week online course includes:- Slimming Coaching starter kit- A weekly motivational newsletter- Slimming Tips & Tricks- Healthy lifestyle for life eating plan & calorie counters- Exercise guidelines, as well as energy-expenditure charts- Positive Affirmations and Inspirational Posters- Smoothies and Health-drinks Ideas- Low Fat Recipes- Goal Sheets & Action Principles for Success- Charts for Body Measurements- Dream Collages & Visualization Boards- Social Interactivity & Support on FacebookSo, no matter how much you have to lose, how long you've been on a diet, or how much you doubt your capabilities...It is possible for us to help you slim.To develop commitment and a burning desire for success, you need our online monitoring & motivation programme - because if you can't move yourself..... we will!Actions speak louder than words. Our last biggest loser lost 19 kgs... and one of our team members... 25 kg.... and countless others lost huge amounts of weight, and so can you too...... So book now, and slim and svelte in time for summer...Tapes & Measurements (T's & C's)⢠In order to redeem your coupon, please forward your full name, contact number(s) and couponcode to⢠NB Bookings close: Sat, 1 September 2012.⢠Starting Date of Course: Wednesday 5th Sept: please redeem your coupon before this date toregister for the course.⢠Only one coupon per person⢠Coupons can be bought as gifts.⢠Contact (028) 254 9392 for more info or email: