Liz Ogumbo Afro Chic Leso Kaftan | R450 - Johannesburg

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  • Colour: Multi Couloured
  • Designer: Liz Ogumbo is a creative entity; Fashion Designer, stylist, author and performing artist & lyricist, who has been working towards growing her fashion brand concurrently after spending about 14 years working within the Fashion/modeling industry. She got into her fashion business as a hobby, finally birthing her clothing brand, “LizOgumbo. In early 2007 Liz Ogumbo introduced her fashion brand ‘Liz Ogumbo’ into the market; a clothing line that leaves a sensation of beautiful, practical yet tasteful day-to-day wear, for the fashion-savvy urban woman.
  • “I believe less is more when you ooze confidence, hence I have minimized fuss and accented the beauty of our individuality as beautiful women today. My philosophy through what we wear is that every day should be celebrated as an opportunity to make our mark.”