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Collective buying is an e-commerce model that promotes incredible discounts from different establishments when a minimum amount of people show interest in buying the offer.

When this minimum offer is reached by the deadline specified by the relevant site, the deal is activated and you as the shopper, receive your coupon to use the deal.

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Earrings Make The Perfect Partners
From: R 198.00
(You save: R 99.00)
Shell Pearls - Spice It Up!
Shell Pearls - Spice It Up! [P: 15]

In: Women's Fashion
Deal: Vuvuplaza

From: R 449.00
(You save: R 139.00)
Ultimate New Jewellery
Ultimate New Jewellery [P: 17]

In: Women's Fashion
Deal: Vuvuplaza

From: R 358.00
(You save: R 229.00)
Crystal And Rose Gold Plated Pendant Made With Swarovski Elements
From: R 399.00
(You save: R 120.00)
Dazzle in Drop Earrings Made with Swarovski Elements
From: R 350.00
(You save: R 161.00)
Solitare Pendant and Stud Earring Set Made With Swarovski Elements
From: R 545.00
(You save: R 196.00)
Large Heart Crystal Pendant made with Swarovski Elements
From: R 447.00
(You save: R 98.00)
3 Piece Pink Freshwater Pearl Set
3 Piece Pink Freshwater Pearl Set [P: 258]

In: Women's Fashion
Deal: Vuvuplaza

From: R 402.00
(You save: R 153.00)
Solitaire Pendant and Drop Earring Set made with Swarovski Elements
From: R 429.00
(You save: R 150.00)
Swarovski Elements Rolled Gold Plated Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace
From: R 351.00
(You save: R 102.00)
Skater Girls And Girly Girls Grab A Bad Girl Polka Dot Watch
From: R 297.00
(You save: R 98.00)
Comfortable Bath Towel Wrap - You'll fall in love with it
From: R 248.00
(You save: R 99.00)
Amazing Jumpstyle Suit Onesies (one chance only)
From: R 499.00
(You save: R 100.00)