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Earth Adventures offers safe and exciting abseiling at a number of venues around the Vredefort Dome. No experience is needed.Thrill seekers can chose from a number of available sites: Quarry abseiling- 15m. Quarry abseiling - 45m. Quarry abseiling- 10m. Man made tower- 12m. Natural cliff- 16m.Abseiling is an exhilarating adventure activity where the accomplishment of facing and eventually overcoming your fears leads to a natural adrenalin rush beyond words. It was only towards the end of the last century that abseiling, also called rappelling, became an activity in its own right. Abseiling is the method mountaineers use to rappel down vertical rock faces or where special forces descent from hovering helicopters beyond enemy territory.
For an amazing abseiling adventure buy a couple of these vouchers and head on down to Vredefort Dome
The nitty gritty
Vouchers expire 1 March 2013Vouchers are valid any day of the week including weekends (subject to availability) from 08h00-17h00No persons under the age of 7 is allowedUnlimited vouchers may be purchasedVouchers may be given as giftsBooking is essential and subject to availabilityBooking details will be on the voucher once this deal has been purchased