R190 for a 2- hour introduction to digital photography course from Bryan Lever Studios (worth R400) - Johannesburg

Deal by Wicount on Courses & Classes - SaveMe - R190 for a 2- hour introduction to digital photography course from Bryan Lever Studios (worth R400)

R 190.00

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  • One Wicount per person.
  • Each student needs to have their own digital camera which should have the options of shooting on auto and manual.
  • Bookings must be made prior to 15 December 2012.
  • Bookings essential, please call: 082 414 5690
  • Valid until 15 December 2012


Here's The Deal
Imagine a world where all of the popcorn kernels popped and the weather man was always right. A world where someone always has a pen for you, the other sock never went missing and unnecessary movie sequels never got made; how perfect the world would be? Well until perfection arrives, why not spend time capturing the almost perfect moments that life has to offer with this awesome deal from Bryan Lever Studios . He’s offering a 2- hour introduction to digital photography course for just R190, worth R400.
If you’re more confused with all the settings on your digital camera than Wayne Rooney with a maths problem, then Bryan Lever is the man for you. This two - hour course helps you familiarise yourself with your camera, its settings and will also cover some imaging theory.
Remember, life is like a camera, just focus on what’s important and capture the good times. Develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot. If that doesn’t make you want to take this course then remember, no girl ever went for the boring guys who spends his Friday nights watching reruns of Full House. So do yourself the favour and get this deal instead.
Count Wi says:
“I dream of a world where my favourite song doesn’t come on as I park my car”

Bryan Lever Studios
The Diaz on Surrey Hotel
267 Surrey Avenue
South Africa
082 414 5690

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Bryan Lever Studios

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