R140 for two A3/180-piece personalised puzzles from Perfectly Puzzled including National delivery (worth R280) - Johannesburg

Deal by Wicount on Products - SaveMe - R140 for two A3/180-piece personalised puzzles from Perfectly Puzzled including National delivery (worth R280)

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  • Wicount cannot be exchanged for cash
  • To Redeem Wicount and place your order please visit the Perfectly Puzzled website: www.perfectlypuzzled.co.za and download the online order form. This form needs to be completed and emailed to salesperfectlypuzzled@gmail.com? along with your image and Wicount Coupon attached.
  • It is the responsibility of the voucher holder to make sure that each photo supplied to Perfectly Puzzled on redemption of this voucher has a resolution of 1MB or more and is in JPEG form. Any resolution below this will not guarantee good quality pictures on the puzzles.
  • Includes delivery. Please provide correct and legible postal address on the order form.
  • Puzzles will take between 4–5 working days to make excluding postage time of between 3–7 working days.
  • This promotion cannot be redeemed if you want a collage done
  • This voucher is for 2 x A3 puzzles only and cannot be exchanged for other products
  • Valid until 31 May 2013


  • Professional, custom-made jigsaw puzzles.
  • Ideal for gifts, souvenirs, and greeting cards in puzzle form.
  • Make a unique invitation.
  • Delight and surprise your guests.


Here's The Deal
Doing puzzles with your family around a big table can be fun. The only problem is that, when you’re finished, you’re left with a picture of a forest or a horse or a dolphin jumping out of the sea. It’s not very personal. Rather get this deal and create something much more special. Perfectly Puzzled is offering up two A3/180-piece personalised puzzles for just R140 instead of the usual R280.
Do you ever stare at photo frames in shops and think to yourself, “man, my family is so much better looking than these strangers”? If so, after you’ve filled that frame with your own pictures, you might want to think of putting your family pictures onto a puzzle as well. Whatever the occasion, Perfectly Puzzled will produce professional, custom-made jigsaw puzzles for you, out of your favourite pics. These puzzles make fantastic gifts, remarkable souvenirs, and super-cool greeting cards in puzzle form. They are also ideal if you’re looking to send out a unique invitation. Just imagine the surprise of your guests when you present them with a personalised puzzle.
Create something truly different with this deal. The puzzles will look fantastic framed in your home, or they’ll make great gifts for family members!

Count Wi says:
“There are two kinds of puzzle doers in the world: those who start with the corners and those who never get it right.”

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