Pay R3950 for a 4TB – CipherWave Desktop (Hitachi Drive) , Including National delivery (worth R5350) - Johannesburg

Deal by Wicount on Products - SaveMe - Pay R3950 for a 4TB – CipherWave Desktop (Hitachi Drive) , Including National delivery (worth R5350)

R 3,950.00

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  • To arrange delivery, please complete your delivery address on the online form viewed after clicking the "Buy Button".
  • Includes national delivery by courier.
  • Delivery takes approximately 21 days, depending on delivery area, upon deal closing.
  • Limited availability.
  • Multiples may be purchased.
  • Valid until 15 May 2013


  • Powered external drive with Power status and activity LED indicator
  • Dimensions: 10cm (L) 19 cm (L) 12 cm (H)
  • Weight: 2kg - less without drive inside
  • External hard drive.
  • Available in colours: Red/Black, Blue/Black
  • 3.5” and USB3.0


Here's The Deal
You’re a busy guy. You need to be constantly stimulated. It’s no wonder, then, that you have more music, photos, TV shows and movies than a Hollywood producer. Of course, if your laptop is struggling under all the media pressure, get yourself this. We are offering up a Four Terabyte, CipherWave Desktop, USB - 3, WD® Hard Drive with cable included for just RR3950, instead of the usual R5350.
Don’t you hate it when your computer is slower than continental drift? There you are, just trying to get your work done, and everything is lagging like it’s the first computer ever invented. It’s probably because you have too much stuff on your PC. Instead, get an external drive, and keep your PC clean. The Four Terabyte, 3.5 CipherWave Desktop, WD® Hard Drive comes with free-fall sensor technology USB-3. The drive comes with a USB cable, which means you simply plug it into your computer and get started. It’s sturdy in an aluminium casing which doesn’t overheat. It’s available in colours: Blue/Black and Red/Black.
Get this deal for yourself and finally have somewhere to store all your media goodies. It would also make a great gift for your gadget-loving buddies.

Count Wi says:
“Oh, I am going to store the hell out of my Star Trek!”

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