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The ingenious new Kuhn Rikon Black Side-Wind Auto Safety LidLifter Can Opener makes it even easier and safer to open your canned goods! Designed to cut the outside rim of the can, it will quickly open cans for you and help you remove the lid, so you never have to touch it! To use, simply line up the raised ridges of the opener with the raised ridges on your can, and it will attach itself to the can properly. Twist the knob forward to begin opening the can. Continue to turn the knob until you have traveled around the entire outside of the can. Turn the knob backwards to release and use the mini-pliers on the side of the opener to remove the lid! Genius!
The sidewinder can opener will quickly become a kitchen favorite only after a few uses. Easily removes can lids while leaving a smooth and safe edge. Patented lid gripper lets you deposit the lid into the trash without having to touch it.Other features include:
ergonomic design makes it easy on the hand and wrist
cutting wheel never comes into contact with food
lid gripper keeps lids from falling into the can
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