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  • Disney Board Games - set of 4
  • Most families have busy schedules. With parents facing challenging and stressful careers and kids engaging in a host of extracurricular activities, many families find that there is no time left to be together as a family. The added spectre of a seemingly endless flood of unsettling news makes it more imperative than ever for families to set aside time to communicate.
  • Disney board games are an effective tool for family communication. It’s easy to make conversation over a board game. Disney games set up a relaxing atmosphere, so laughing and sharing stories about school, work, friends and life in general flow easily from parent to child, and child to parent. The security that family play provides to children and the manner in which family fun alleviates tension are only the beginnings of the perks of playing board games.
  • Disney Board Game set includes
  • Supercharged Cars Raceway
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Princess, Land of enchantment
  • TinkerBell, Pardon my pixie dust
  • Ages 3+ for 2-4 Players