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Collective buying is an e-commerce model that promotes incredible discounts from different establishments when a minimum amount of people show interest in buying the offer.

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Adobe Photoshop Master Online Training Bundle from Learning247
From: R 1,510.00
(You save: R 1,171.00)
Choice of Gourmet Burgers for up to Six People at Café Frappe
From: R 130.00
(You save: R 56.00)
Value Vouchers Towards Tattoos at Ross Ink Tattoos
From: R 375.00
(You save: R 188.00)
Web and Graphics Online Course For R360 (80% Off)
From: R 1,800.00
(You save: R 1,440.00)
Online Forex Trading Course from FountainFX
From: R 3,840.00
(You save: R 3,641.00)
Trilogy Cubic Zirconia Ladies Ring, Pendant and Earrings for R499 Including Delivery (50% off)
From: R 999.00
(You save: R 500.00)
Bed Mattress And Base from R1 999 Including Delivery (Up to 33% off)
From: R 2,999.00
(You save: R 1,000.00)
Massage, Manicure and Pedicure at Angel Bay Wellness Centre
From: R 450.00
(You save: R 225.00)
Online Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6 Workshop For R199 (94% Off)
From: R 3,100.00
(You save: R 2,901.00)
Polaroid 5-inch Kids Tablet for R999 Including Delivery (23% off)
From: R 1,299.00
(You save: R 300.00)
Telefunken FHD LED TV with Built-In DVD Player for R2 499 Including Delivery (22% Off)
From: R 3,199.00
(You save: R 700.00)
IP Wireless Home Security Camera for R899 Including Delivery (67% off)
From: R 2,699.00
(You save: R 1,800.00)
Stun Guns from R149 Including Delivery (Up to 62% off)
From: R 299.00
(You save: R 150.00)
Online Excel and Advanced Excel Courses from Excel with Business
From: R 2,630.00
(You save: R 2,440.00)
Brazilian Blow-Dry and Cut from Hairtech Salon
From: R 2,800.00
(You save: R 2,301.00)

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