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Deal by Wicount on Products - SaveMe - Levi's black 'diamante' Women's Watch for just R499 including national delivery (worth R1399)

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  • Multiple Wicounts may be purchased.
  • Valid for one Levi's LTH0306 Women's watch.
  • Limited stock available.
  • Price includes national delivery by courier.
  • Please allow up to 21 days for delivery.
  • To redeem Wicount please go to Wicounts Product Page and complete the online form with your Wicount details, delivery address etc.
  • Valid until 15 November 2012


Here's The Deal
A watch is more than a simple time-telling device. Rather, a watch is a status symbol which says something about your style and who you are. A Levi’s watch symbolises true class and originality.
Levis Strauss started way back in 1873 in San Francisco when they became renowned for their riveted denim jeans and despite being around for many years beforehand it was not until the 1960's that Levis started on the journey to becoming a worldwide brand. Nowadays, Levis are still the first choice of jeans for many people because of their strength and quality; however Levis have now expanded into manufacturing further products such as sunglasses, shoes, bags and now Levis watches.
The Levi's LTH0306 Women's watch is designed to be simple! I nspired by the ornate Victorian wind, it features a stainless steel case and folding clasp.
The Levi’s® brand epitomizes classic style and effortless cool, so take this opportunity to sport a stylish Levi’s watch or get one for that special someone.
Count Wi says:
"What kind of watch is best for people who don't have any time on their hands? A pocket watch."

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