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Deal by Wicount on Health & Beauty - SaveMe - Your choice of any two sets of Magic Insta Nails for only R100 including delivery (worth R223.90)

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  • May purchase multiples.
  • Wicount includes delivery.
  • To redeem Wicount, email name, Wicount number and delivery address to . .
  • No in-store redemption.
  • For more information, please call Portia on 011 430 6227
  • Valid until 15 September 2012


Here's The Deal
Don’t you wish some dreams came true? Like if we had our way, we would outsource Mondays to India, have a real-life mute button, eat without getting fat and wake up looking like Eva Longoria in those annoying hair adverts. It would just make life so much more convenient and we could still look good with half the effort. Speaking of looking good with half the effort, Homemark is offering two sets of their Magic Insta Nails for only R100 including delivery, worth R223.90.
Magic Insta Nails offer the latest technology in nail polish that gives you perfect long- lasting nails in seconds. Magic Insta nails adhesive strips are made from 100% real nail polish. Now you can get an instant manicure or pedicure with professional results using the Magic Insta Nails simple and easy-to-use application process with no drying time. Finally you can get a manicure that lasts up to seven days, doesn't damaging the nails. They’re also really easy to remove with regular nail polish remover. Each pack of Insta Nails includes two applications of dry nail polish, a nail file and a wooden cuticle stick. Choose from their wide range of dry nail polish colours and designs including: Red Rose, Light Pink, French, Plum, Grey, Fuschia, Leopard, Zebra, Funk, Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, Blue metallic, Cherry, Sexy Red, and Chocolate.
If only everything in life was this convenient it would be so much more….well convenient. So until we get a deal on a third arm, a magic dressing machine or a magical encyclopaedia where you could find any information you wanted…oh wait, that’s called the internet…..What we’re trying to say is this deal is awesome, so get it today!

Count Wi says:
“You know what would be convenient- a magical kind of staircase that moved, so you didn’t have to walk. Oh wait, that’s called an escalator. My bad”

39 Commerce Crescent
Eastgate Extension
South Africa
011 430 6227

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