R700 for a Brazilian Blow Wave on any length of hair from SLM Hair (worth R3 000) - Johannesburg

Deal by Wicount on Health & Beauty - SaveMe - R700 for a Brazilian Blow Wave on any length of hair from SLM Hair (worth R3 000)

R 700.00

Discount from 77%

R 3,000.00

R 2,300.00

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  • Multiples may be purchased.
  • Bookings must be made prior to 30 Sept 2012.
  • Bookings essential, please call: 072 551 5374
  • Valid until 15 December 2012


Here's The Deal
The truth can be hard. Like remember that time when your dad told you that your goldfish ran away to a farm for lots of goldfish. Well it didn’t. And you know how people say your hairstyle’s really “interesting”. Well it isn’t. In fact, everybody thinks you’re slightly delusional because that hairstyle went out of fashion along with Milly Vanilly. We’re sorry but someone had to tell you the truth. But don’t worry, we do have some good news for: SLM Hair is offering a Brazilian Blow Wave on any length of hair for just R700, valued at R3 000.
In case you’ve been living in a cave or recently escaped a cult and don’t know what a Brazilian Blow Wave is, here’s the down low: Brazilian Blow Wave calms your curls down and softens the wave, so you get defined hair full of life. The Brazilian Blow Wave also repairs any damaged hair, leaving your locks smoother and more manageable.
Speaking of the truth, if steroids are illegal for athletes, surely Photoshop should be illegal for models too? Hmmm, we’re not sure about that one. All we know is that if you want silky smooth locks that will take you from doom to va va voom overnight then you need this deal from SLM Hair today!
Count Wi says:
“A friend told me I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn”

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South Africa
011 954 4929

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