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  • Bookings must be made prior to 30 Sept 2012.
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You know, we were thinking…what exactly does the term “friends with benefits” mean? Does he supply her with health insurance or does she give him points for going to the gym? If you’ve got such a friend, ask him or her what kind of benefits you can look forward to? Speaking of health benefits, we have a great health deal for you. Rory Jean-Jacques is offering an Iridology and Sclerology consultation for just R260, worth R710.
There are some things in life we would like to know. Why don’t hedgehogs just share the hedge, how did Ted meet their mother and what exactly is Iridology and Sclerology? Iridology and Sclerology are the science and art of observing the anterior layers of the eye and their relation to systemic health. Iridology involves the observation of the colour and structure of the iris. Sclerology involves observing the markings beyond the periphery of the iris in the “white’s of the eyes”. Due to their anatomy and physiology, the eyes are in direct contact with the biochemical, hormonal, structural and metabolic processes of the body.This information is recorded in the various structures of the eye, such as the iris, retina, sclera, cornea, pupil and conjunctiva. So the eyes are a window into the physical body as well as a person’s feelings and thoughts.
Iridology and Sclerology analyse the eye structure and colour which help determine any genetic predisposition and inherited traits. Physical Iridology can identify which organ systems are likely to give you the most problems and the location of the vascular markings in this region can also reveal which areas of the body are under stress. Iridology and Sclerology can help target possible root causes of illness or identify areas of potential concern.
We at Wicount like to think of ourselves as “alternative”. Not like that nerdy “I collect pieces of other people’s hair” kind of alternative. No, alternative in a cool, arty and funky kind of way, a la Johnny Depp or those Cullen kids. That’s why we like “alternative medicine” and this great deal from Rory Jean-Jacques.
Count Wi says:
“I’m a grammar doctor, now let’s have a look at that colon”

Rory Jean Jacques - SA's Nature Doc
Fourways Mall, Shop G102
Cnr William Nicol Drive & Witkoppen Road
South Africa
011 465 9962

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