Feel Good for Summer: R220 for a stretch mark removal session from Diva Beauty Studio (worth R700) - Johannesburg

Deal by Wicount on Health & Beauty - SaveMe - Feel Good for Summer: R220 for a stretch mark removal session from Diva Beauty Studio (worth R700)

R 220.00

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  • Valid for bookings Mon - Sat 09:00 - 17:00.
  • Bookings essential, please call: 011 026 0054
  • Valid until 31 December 2012


Here's The Deal
A man finds a lamp, rubs it and out comes a genie who promises him one wish. The man thinks long and hard before asking the genie to give him the most desirable body that any women would want. Whoosh, the genie changes the man into a size zero supermodel. So today we’re offering you a deal that will take you one step closer to looking like that supermodel (if you don’t already). Diva Beauty Studio is offering a stretch mark removal session for just R220, worth R700.
The stretch mark removal process is based on the scientific knowledge that when deep collagen tissue is heated, it naturally shrinks and is simultaneously stimulated to produce new collagen, resulting in recovered skin elasticity which tighter and cellulite free. And non-invasive electric current technology means no wound or recovery time, just instant, visible results! Let’s be honest - we all want to be just a little bit smaller, firmer and a teeny bit more toned and with this stretch mark removal session, you’ll be one step closer.
Don’t think of them as stretch marks, think of them as tiger stripes you earned from motherhood. But if you’ve decided you need some help when it comes to feeling good and getting your body back into perfect condition, then this deal is for you. If you need another kind of help, just remember that the joy of motherhood is never fully appreciated until the kids are in bed. So get this deal today!
Count Wi says:
“I have the prefect body…for photoshop”

Diva Beauty Studio

Corner of Witkoppen and Stonehaven Street
South Africa
011 026 0054

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