Fragranced Socomaf Hazelnut and Walnut Oil - Johannesburg

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  • 2 x 500ml containers of wonderfull fragrant oils


When I first opened the Walnut and Hazelnut Oils, I wasn’t too sure whether I should just taste the oil, neat, without anything to distract me from the flavours, or pour it over a few salad leaves. Neat doesn't sound too appealing at first, but the earthy, warm scent of the nut oil will tempt you to dive right in. I poured the hazelnut oil on the potato wedges I was about to put in the oven and I’m glad to say that although this oil would be perfect as a salad dressing or as a dip for chunks of Ciabatta bread, it is heavenly on wedges and has a taste which is subtly nutty without overpowering the food you put it on. The walnut oil has a very delicate smell but in tasting it there is no doubt that it is walnut which again would be fabulous with bread or even over popcorn as I inadvertently found out. Both oils are a welcome substitute for more standard oils and with their subtle but distinctive flavours, make any dish a wonderful treat.


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