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  • Any foodie worth their salt will tell you that Valrhona is the finest chocolate money can buy, recognised as one of the top chocolates in the world.


Chocolate has been called ‘liquid gold’ and ‘food of the Gods’, by everyone from the ancient Aztecs to modern-day women. This might seem like something of an exaggeration if you’ve been eating boring slabs of chocolate. But treat yourself to a square of Valrhona and the descriptions ring very true.
Let’s start with the Jivara slab, because one would expect the milk chocolate to be the least interesting. One would be wrong. With 40% cacao, it’s really chocolatey, but balanced by a beautifully creamy vanilla and malt finish. The aromatic cocoa beans produce an exceptionally smooth and deep milk chocolate.
Then there’s Manjari. 64% cocoa and pure cocoa butter, Manjari liberates acidulous notes of red fruits and nuts reminiscent of the original Trinitario cocoa beans from Madagascar. How does it taste? Fresh, tangy, robust. Not at all bitter, unexpectedly fruity. In other words: delicious.
And then we have Guanaja. 70% cocoa, bittersweet and elegant, this is Valrhona’s second darkest chocolate in the range. Its aromatic range of warm notes and roasted almond and hazelnut flavours combine beautifully with the slight bitterness to form a balanced finish. Simply superb.
Of course, you don’t only get these three chocolates, but an Initiation Grands Crus that includes six dark chocolate squares, each one just as heavenly as the last. Who said chocolate wasn’t the food of the Gods?



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