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  • A spectacular operating system
  • Qualified online tutors
  • A number of informative modules
  • Understanding of the newest technology
  • Windows 8 training course


Windows 8 training course
With the release of Windows 8, Groupies will be enjoying the modern world of computing with a spectacular operating system. The training offers an up to date understanding of the newest technology, and all the features that Windows 8 has to offer. Providing qualified online tutors and a number of informative modules, the Windows 8 training is perfect for those looking to get to grips with the operating system’s new features.

Module 1: Choosing between Windows 8 Versions and Right Devices
Module 2: Windows 8 Installation
Module 3: Windows 8 Start Screen
Module 4: Browsing the Web with Internet Explorer 10
Module 5: Windows 8 Features and Functions
Module 6: Customs Shortcut
Module 7: Maps on Windows 8
Module 8: Stay Connected to Windows 8
Module 9: Securing Windows 8