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Accredited Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor Course for R889 (92% Off)
From: R 10,871.00
(You save: R 9,982.00)
Shake your way to fitness with the first lady of belly dancing in SA at Shalimar’s Belly Dancing Studio, SAVE 83%! For only R49, enjoy x4 60-minute Belly Dancing Classes & MORE! Situated in Randburg
From: R 280.00
(You save: R 231.00)
150-Hour Online TEFL Master Course for R695 (84% Off)
From: R 4,350.00
(You save: R 3,655.00)
Online Accounting and Bookkeeping Course for R299 from Excel with Business (90% Off)
From: R 2,900.00
(You save: R 2,601.00)
Online Project Management Professional (PMP) Training Course for R799 (89% Off)
From: R 7,296.00
(You save: R 6,497.00)
18-Module Online Certified Photography Course from R590 (93% Off)
From: R 8,939.00
(You save: R 8,349.00)
Choice of Microsoft Excel Courses from R190 from Excel with Business (Up to 95% Off)
From: R 2,630.00
(You save: R 2,440.00)
Online Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Course for R279 (92% Off)
From: R 3,580.00
(You save: R 3,301.00)
Clinical Weight Loss Certification Online Course for R990 (94% Off)
From: R 17,830.00
(You save: R 16,840.00)