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  • Chop, slice and mix
  • Non-slip suction base
  • Stainless steel tri-blade
  • Whipping/mixing attachment
  • Easy food preparation
  • Nationwide delivery included
  • Ideal as a gift


Here's The Deal
Do you fancy yourself a bit of a food fundi? Do you know the difference between slicing and dicing? Can you whip up a hollandaise sauce with your eyes closed? Does cooking make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? If so, you need this deal. Get a Dessini manual food processor for just R209, instead of the usual R499.
Some people prefer cooking to eating. They’d rather lovingly watch a roast sizzle in the oven instead of devouring it on the kitchen table. We are not those people. But, if you are, we have a deal for you. The Dessini is the manual food processor that chops, mixes, whips, blends, slices, juliennes and more. The bowl simply locks into a non-slip, suction-cup base for stability while you use it. Then, the Tri-Blade will give you a professional cut, every time. In fact, one turn of the handle turns the blade four times. Take that onions and garlic! Or, use the whipping attachment for tasty baked treats. The Mandolin Lid also locks on so you can cut thin, medium and thick slices or julienne strips right into the bowl. It’s also great for making one-dish meals such as salads, coleslaw and salsa.
Get this deal for yourself and start making professional-style food in your own kitchen. It would also make a great gift for mom!

Count Wi says:
“I’m on a see-food diet. I see food, I eat it.”

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