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  • 2 x 500ml bottles, one of Black Gold Balsamic Reduction and one of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


This is no run of the mill balsamic vinegar and olive oil combination: this is Black Gold balsamic reduction and extra virgin olive oil – a pair that complements each other perfectly, while still being robust enough to stand on their own in terms of flavour and versatility. The balsamic reduction is deliciously sticky and thick with a wonderfully exotic smell. The flavour is rich, with a subtle spice and ginger aftertaste, perfect for stir-fries. The olive oil is cold pressed so it has a very distinctive taste, but it's still subtle enough to combine perfectly with any flavour. When used together, the balsamic reduction and the olive oil fuse perfectly creating a full richness which would make any salad come alive, although I would suggest dipping bread into the sauce to get the full advantage of this incredible combination. Used on their own or apart, these two products are a luxury for any kitchen.



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