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  • A box of 20 Delicious Saszali Chocolates


It is no secret that I love chocolate, which is why my mouth started watering before I’d even opened my box of Saszali Chocolates. I have to say that the packaging of these chocolates is like nothing I’ve seen before: delicate, colourful and a feast for the eyes. With so many interesting flavours to choose from, I knew I couldn’t go wrong, so I went for the Classical first. Heavy and dark with a creamy chocolate centre, this is deeply satisfying chocolate. The Coffee Roast was subtle as was the Hot Pod
which is a chilli infused chocolate. The Gingerbread had me craving more and the Noisette (Hazelnut) flavour was bold with delicious bits of nut in it. There are so many fabulous flavours in this box - salted caramel, Twilight (a pineapple juice, Malibu and coconut milk concoction), Balsamic Chic (a strawberry and balsamic vinegar combination) and many other delicate flavours that don't overwhelm the fact that this is still chocolate, and exceptional chocolate at that! Treat yourself to some Saszali - you know you want to.



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