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Deal by Wicount on Women's Fashion - SaveMe - R299 for a Valentine’s Heart Watch including National delivery (worth R600)

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Here's The Deal
When it comes to buying Valentine’s gifts, you have two options: you either go super cheesy, and spend hundreds of Rands on sparkly, glittery, plastic, red rubbish. Or, you actually get something so cool, that it will last long after V day. If you want to go the latter route, listen up. Get this Valentine’s Heart watch for just R299, instead of the usual R600.
There’s a lot of pressure attached to buying gifts for your lover. Just when you think she’s going to love the DVD of her favourite film, she tells you how she hates watching the same movie twice. Rather cut your losses, and take our gift advice. This Valentine’s Heart watch will make a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift! It comes in black or white, which means it will instantly go with any outfit. And its light-up, heart design is a clever and interesting way to show the date and time. In fact, we can see you’re turning green with envy, so why not get one for yourself as well. It could be a ‘his and hers’ set! After all, it’s a unique, unisex design and has a 24cm band that fits both men and women.
Stop panicking about what to get your better half, and simply get this deal. She’ll be so grateful; she might even cook you dinner.

Count Wi says:
“My favourite time is cake time!”

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